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The company was established 2003 with the intention to create a Training Company with High Quality in both Technical aspects and Pedagogical skills. We have succeeded in our intention and can view back on five interesting years. We see the training as one important part in our participant's development that shall encourage not only during the course but also to bring contacts and be a foundation in future projects.


The Company


You’ll probably want to know the Company you plan to work with. Here you will have a gleam.  Our goal is to be flexible and change our products according the market need and technology development to give High Quality training. We train in open events but mainly give in-house training and briefings in small groups.

Competence Development

We grow in competence by learning from standard specifications, implementation solutions, conferences, contacts and news.

Training Products

We transfer our knowledge in well-packaged training products to make the new information easy to understand. The training may be composed in different ways depending on pre-knowledge and training goals.

Competence Provider

We appreciate customers that want to have a long-term co-operation with us as a Competence provider in our fields of knowledge. We are open to mix your company specific needs with our training products.

Training Concept

We strive to use the same training concept to make our customers well known with our methodology.


The trainers have their own field of specialty with good overall knowledge