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Here you find Training products from our Training portfolio. The courses are categorized according to the Competence fields, above. To find what we can offer click on the field of your choice, in the navigation field.

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The courses are divided in four levels; Platform, Standard, Advanced and Expert. The legend is..

green transp 15 m Platform - the level without any other precondition than interest in the subject.

blue transp 15 m Standard - the level to start with in a new subject - normally a general knowledge in the field is recommended.

red transp 15 m Advanced - the level to attend when you have good understanding of some parts and need to go deeper and broaden your knowledge - the entrance requirements correspond to the previous level.

black transp 15 m Expert - the level to get to know the details and the practical experience - a solid knowledge about how different parts relate is necessary to get the most out of the course.